maandag 7 juni 2010

Welcome to Aalborg Hotel Amsterdam

Welcome to Hotel Aalborg’s first blog posting. Yes, hotels can also scribble online about opinionated and intriguing subjects such as white linen fragrances, cleaning service gossip, and the latest ice machine technology on the market…

Okay, blogging about a hotel seems dull on the surface. But the truth is, witty and fresh reports on hip hotels are the next big thing. As a “pro” hotel blogger I’m certain there exist hotels with a string of good blogging, just like Hotel Aalborg.

For example, here are the top three hotel genres perfect for blogging:

1. Hotels that are haunted – It’s the classic reason to blog about hotels. Who doesn't love a spooky story before bedtime? Imagine if the hotel in Stanley Kubrick's film The Shining had a blogger, the stories and daily documenting would be endless. Phantom sounds of piano playing in the ballroom, reports about missing jewelry, and visitors terrified from paranormal activity in Room 237. And a blogger with ghost hunting as a side hobby, like whisperer Jennifer Love Hewitt, would be a perfect fit.

2. Hotels as a reality show set – The best way to squeeze juice from a “looking for love” reality show is to be the behind-the-scenes leak on everything too lurid for television. If the show was set in a hotel, the hotel blogger could dig up dirt and be the ultimate whistleblower. “That's not all Stacy stole from Julie's minibar in Room 103 – off-the-record rumors say her thieving past includes swiping BMWs from auto stores during test drives! Shocking and crazy tales never stop at our hotel!”

3. Hotels in Amsterdam – I’m serious. Hotels in Amsterdam have it easy since the entire city is something worth writing about. From the fresh art expos and electrifying live music to the latest drama with football hooligans and the Red Light District, Amsterdam’s canals flow with stories and happenings bloggers can barely keep up with. The city is a cultural hub from all corners: exotic dining, ongoing entertainment, creative people, romantic views, and a history dripping in antiquity and wealth.

Hotel Aalborg fits snugly in the No. 3 category, although we’re still open to Jennifer Love Hewitt blogs and reality shows. In the meantime, we aim to deliver an essential Amsterdam style with panache via blogs and beds, and we think you’ll like it. Not only will we help inform you on what’s going on in the city through our site, but we’ll also accommodate with a modern look ready to maximize your vacation to its fullest potential. It’s our well-rounded and honest approach on caring for visitors beyond expectations.

Welcome to Amsterdam, welcome to our blog at Hotel Aalborg.

- A. Sykes

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