woensdag 4 augustus 2010

Like the cool new kid that doesn’t have to fit in to be respected

Like the cool new kid that doesn’t have to fit in to be respected, like the rebel defining “fresh and edgy”, like that guy with the black leather jacket that frays after each daredevil motorcycle rush… Amsterdam has always been that guy.

To the outsiders Amsterdam has the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll display that makes other European cities cringe with envy and gawk in a tourism awe. But to Aalborg Hotel and the locals, Amsterdam is a cute and quaint locale with parks galore, bustling market streets and buzzing bicycles. We don’t float through coffeeshops, and we don’t mingle with the red light district dames. The real Amsterdammers hang, converse, and soak in good company and good weather.

Aalborg Hotel prides itself in supporting the genuine face of Dutch culture. We ask you to ditch the mask tourists crave and see the pleasant side of Amsterdam that makes it a hub for arts, culture and relaxation. Here are three ways to do it.

1. Hang in our hood.

Aalborg Hotel is smack dab in the middle of De Pijp, a neighborhood known for its creative outlets, art galleries and cozy cafes. The Albert Cuypmarkt is a block away from us and is the place to dive into Dutch cuisine like fresh cheeses, herring sandwiches, fresh juices and stroopwaffle cookies. Drifting in and out of shops, and moseying over to Museumplein guarantees an easygoing afternoon of enjoyment.

2. Hang in the parks.

Vondelpark is by far the most popular for locals and visitors, but Amsterdam is riddled with greenery. Sports junkies should head to Westerpark for its wide-open field, and the Flevopark pool is packed on summer days. Just opposite Aalborg Hotel’s turf is Sarphatipark, a piece of paradise equipped with ponds, canopy trees and enough hungry ducks to gobble bread for an eternity.

3. Hang in the cafes.

When Amsterdammers have breaks they venture out for a café coffee with a friend. When Amsterdammers get off work they shuffle to a café terrace for a cocktail with a work buddy. Basically, when Amsterdammers have time off they relax and absorb the meaning of city living. Whether it’s a bike ride around the city or a canal cruise on a friend’s sloop the local’s style of Amsterdam prevails over the tourist’s.

Aalborg Hotel is wrapped with cafes, nearby parks and an overall superb location. Our environment is divine and genuine to the city on the inside and out – a luxury many businesses struggle to accomplish in a tourist town. Swing by and book your stay with us when searching for real Amsterdam. We’ll show you rock ‘n’ roll, and more.

by A. Sykes

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